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My Plan for Practicing Mindfulness

I tend to overcommit and find myself in situations when I am racing from one thing to the next. I find that this prevents me from truly living and enjoying my life and, I believe, this also keeps me from finding a mindful place that I need to be a good coach. As part of last week’s mind trap exercise, I committed myself to living in the moment by practicing mindfulness. Gibb’s Reflective Cycle looks like a very helpful model to lead myself through 6 stages of reflection: describing an experience, exploring my feelings in and with that experience, evaluating it (was it good or bad, felt good or not?), analyzing it (i.e., making sense of it), reaching a conclusion whether I acted the best way I could have acted, and coming up with a plan what to do next time I encounter a similar situation. I commit to using Gibb’s model not only after my next coaching encounter but also as a daily mindfulness routine. I will do this every morning with the help of a journal. I will check back in after a couple of weeks and report how this is going.

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