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Robert Kegan's Immunity Map

Are you successful at unconsciously sabotaging yourself? Do you stand in your own way of achieving the goals you set for yourself? For example, do you want to spend more time with your kids but you find yourself working until late at night every night? Is it your team's intent to innovate but you never find time to reflect as a team (e.g., in after-action reviews), as part of a team process and included in your budget?

If so, Robert Kegan's Immunity Map might be an excellent tool to overcome the forces of inertia and explore within yourself how and why you or your team sabotage yourself and help you transform your life and your work.

Robert Kegan is an organizational psychologist teaching at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education who, together with Lisa Laskow Lahey, Associate Director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group and founding principal of Minds at Work, a leadership-learning professional services firm, authored the book "Immunity to Change" and with that the Immunity to Change Map. With the help of this tool, individuals - with or without the help of a coach - will engage in self-reflection to understand what they do or don't do instead of the desired behavior, what their worries and competing commitments are, and what big assumptions ground such competing commitments. This new understanding then opens the way to assess, evaluate and modify the thinking that is in the way of achieving the goal. The tool is very useful - indeed "eye opening" - for individuals and leaders as well as organizations facing challenges requiring greater mental complexity. The tool will be less helpful to individuals or teams under time constraints or otherwise not in a position or not capable to invest time in self-reflection.

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I agree with you that the Immunity map is an "eye-opening" tool. It is effective to find reasons why we can't easily change ourselves, and how we can change. I would like to use this tool for my coaching.

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