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Wheel of Life

Setting out on a coaching journey, it helps my clients to think about what the “it” exactly is on which they would like to be coached. Is it an imbalance in their life, the sense something is missing, a lack of excitement for their job or maybe constructive feedback they received from their mentor or boss?

I have come to find that the “Wheel of Life” exercise is very helpful to find that desired clarity where a client wants to focus. The Wheel is essentially comprised of 10 circles, from larger to smaller around one center, with around 8 pie pieces representing the client’s entire life. What the pie pieces represent, is up to my client and could be similar to the following: career, family & friends, significant other/romance, fun & recreation, health, money, personal growth, physical environment. My client will assess each area of his life and indicate his/her satisfaction in each area from 0 (not satisfied) to 10 (very satisfied) by completing the lines on the Wheel. The Wheel might look like a fairly round circle or like an uneven blot and will provide my client with a visual snapshot of his/her life, including the degree of his/her fulfillment with and balance of his/her life. Looking at the Wheel, I am asking the client in which areas s/he would like to focus and be coached and we take our coaching conversation to that area.

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