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Clarify Your Vision

At the outset of a personal development quest, you may not know exactly what you want your goals to be, maybe, because you are too busy to reflect on your life or you live in a cloud of self-doubt. In exploring your personal development goals, you might benefit from doing a deep dive into your values. Values are the qualities of a life lived fully and satisfied and as such make up who you are as your unique self. There are what is important to you only and are different from what you think should be important to you because you think others expects you to have such values. Once crystallized, your values will serve you as your personal North Star. They help you make decisions and clarify the personal development goals you wish to pursue. 

I will help you look at your life as you live it right now. We may revisit cherished moments of your past when you were at your very best and I will ask you which value you honored during those special moments. Or we may explore times when you were frustrated, upset or even angry about what happened to you or around you to see whether certain values jump out to you suggesting your preferred approach to deal with similar situations in the future. Once you have identified your top 10 values, I will help you prioritize your list and assess to what degree your current life satisfies each value. This exercise is particularly helpful after assessing your strengths, as strengths and values typically feed of each other. Looking at your strengths and your values together will help you gain further clarity on the goals you want to pursue to be more satisfied with your life.



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