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Create Your Immunity Map

Are you "successful" at unconsciously sabotaging yourself? Do you stand in your own way of achieving the goals you set for yourself? For example, do you want to be a better parent and spend more time with your family but you find yourself working until late at night every night? Or do you want to show up self-confident at work but find yourself silent in work meetings while listening to your internal voice doubting that you should be there and have anything valuable to say?

If so, Robert Kegan's Immunity Map might be an excellent tool to help you overcome the forces of inertia and explore within yourself how and why you sabotage yourself and help you transform your life and your work.

With the help of this tool, you - with my help - will engage in self-reflection to understand what you do or don't do instead of the desired behavior, what your worries and competing commitments are, and what big assumptions ground such competing commitments. Your new understanding will open your way to assess, evaluate, run experiments and eventually modify your thinking that is in the way of achieving your goal. Immunity maps are very useful - indeed "eye opening" - for you if you face challenges requiring greater mental complexity. The tool will be less helpful to you if you are under time constraints or otherwise just not in a place to engage in deep self-reflection.

Robert Kegan is an organizational psychologist teaching at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education who, together with Lisa Laskow Lahey, Associate Director of Harvard's Change Leadership Group and founding principal of Minds at Work, a leadership-learning professional services firm, created the Immunity to Change Map tool and leveraged it to help not only individuals but also working teams achieve their goals. 




Kegan, R., & Lahey, L. L. (2009). Immunity to Change: How to Overcome it and Unlock Potential in Yourself and Your Organization. Harvard Business Press.

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